New Year 2013

New Year 2013:

New Year is the special day celebrated all over the world to mark the beginning of fresh year. New Year is the time to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the coming New Year with open arms. New Year is celebrated on the 1st of January every year and New Year 2013 falls on a Tuesday and it is declared as a public holiday in most of the countries. The celebrations of New Year usually begins a day before which is the New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve is the time when the entire world gets into a mood of party. Many people prefer to party New Year with family and friends, were as some prefer to be on vacations to enjoy the New Year celebrations. Fun and excitements of New Year differs with different age groups, some prefer celebrating New Year with loud music and delicious food and some prefer soft music with just a delicious cake.

Best New Year Eve 2013 Destinations around the globe:
New Year is welcomed with enthralling fireworks, parties with live musical performance and fun and laughter. The celebration for New Year 2013 would not be any less exciting compared to New Year 2012. Discussed below are the world’s famous New Year celebrations and various traditions followed around the globe.

New Year 2013 in UK:
Huge numbers of spectators from Europe fly off to London to celebrate the New Year in UK. The London eye is one of the best places in the world to be on the New Year’s Eve. The firework starts just after Big Ben strikes at 12 and the sparkling affair continues for 15 minutes enjoyed by the overenthusiastic crowd. The sparkling festivity is broadcasted live on TV every year. The New Year parade is also worth viewing, the parade starts in parliament square just after the Big Ben strikes 12 and ends around 3pm at Berkeley Street in Piccadilly after a two mile route.

One of the traditions followed in UK on New Year Eve is called “First Footing”. According to this tradition, if the first visitor of the family is a tall, dark and good looking male then the family will get all good luck and prosperity in the coming year. The visitor should carry coal, a loaf and a bottle of whiskey and serve the drink to everyone in the family and wish happy New Year. Later, for drinks and dance the travelers head towards the bar and club. The bars and clubs will be too expensive on New Year eve, so plan your New Year 2013 in advance and book the tickets to celebrate your new year.

New Year 2013 in New York:
The New York City is one of the best destinations for New Year’s Eve 2013. Millions of people gather at the Times Square in Manhattan to see the ball drop event. This ball drop event is being carried in New York to celebrate the New Year for over the past 100 years. The six foot diameter and 100 pounds weight Waterford crystal Ball hangs above the Times Square. On the New Year’s Eve 2013, the ball will be lowered when the countdown starts at 23: 59:00 and will reach the bottom of the tower at midnight. As the clock strikes midnight, the crowd cheers up wishing New Year to welcome a wonderful year.

New Year 2013

New Year 2013

The city has also got clubs, bars and hotels to celebrate New Year 2013 with lot of entertainment programs to serve millions of visitors from worldwide. The traditions followed in New York on New Year’s Eve include watching football and eating special food called Hoppin’ John with black-eyed beans, along with cakes and champagne for luck and prosperity.

New Year 2013 in Sydney:
Sydney will be the first city to welcome the New Year 2013 all over the world. Sydney holds one of the famous New Year celebrations in the world. The firework show in Harbour Bridge is the most spectacular show in Sydney attracting people from all over the world.  Sydney is well known for the beach parties, bonfires, camping and picnics on the New Year Eve 2013.

The tradition followed in Sydney on New Year’s Eve is preparing traditional food with suckling pigs. Peppermint ice creams are also served on New Year’s Eve for dessert in the shape of four leaf clover to get luck in the coming year.

Watch 2012 New Year Celebration

New year 2013 in Japan:
Japanese celebrate an extended New Year starting from the 31st of the old year till the 3rd of the New Year. New Year is celebrated with lots of hope to start the year fresh leaving behind all the troubles and failures. The New Year Eve is also a sort of deadline for Japanese people to fulfill all the duties left for the year.

As part of the tradition, people clean their houses and decorate the entrance with pine, bamboo and plum trees. Other traditions include cooking Toshikoshi soba or buckwheat noodles on the New Year Eve for longevity, cooking Osechi (dish made of fish, beans and egg) and saving it for consuming after few days of New Year and restriction of usage of cooking knife for three days before New Year eve.  It is believed that following all these traditions will result in good year with good fortune and good harvest.

New year 2013 in Singapore:
The New Year celebration 2013 in Singapore is based on the Chinese tradition. This beautiful island country is decorated with colorful lights everywhere including streets, buildings and markets. Thousands of people gather at the Marina Bay area to celebrate the New Year eve in a spectacular way. The fireworks set off from the waters of Marina Bay shouldn’t be missed if you are in Singapore for New Year’s Eve 2013 as it shows the magical Singapore’s sky and skyline beautifully. The Marina Bay will be filled with people enjoying the live concerts and shows organized by local and international artists.

The tradition followed for New Year’s Eve in Singapore is Chun Jei, which is a month long preparation leading to New Year. According to Chun Jei, people bury all the miseries and troubles and look forward for optimistic hopes in the coming year. Before starting this tradition people clean their houses and surroundings and hang the image of Chun Lian upside-down. Hanging the image upside down symbolizes the arrival of fortune.

Happy New Year 2013

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